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No matter what camera package you're using, the Intel-A-Jib can handle them all. Stability and Durability you can trust.



The Most Intelligent Camera Jib Arm You'll Ever Use.

Rapid Assembly, No Tools Required

Whether your production is using the latest UHD camera package or a traditional film camera, the Intel-A-Jib™ Variable Length Jib Arm is designed to handle them all. Ideal for todays fast paced production environment and intelligently engineered to deliver exceptional stability, portability and efficiency. The Intel-A-Jib™ camera crane offers a set-up time of only two minutes without tools, the ability to be set up in a true six or ten foot reach and an affordable price.


Available in standard 7" Mitchell or 100mm ball camera mounting options and compatible with virtually all remote head systems, fits into two manageable cases for transport and storage. Order an Intel-A-Jib™ today and experience the benefits and value of the camera jib arm that truly lives up to its name.


Intel-A-Jib Camera Jib Arm




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  • Set-up Time: 2 min.
  • Min. Reach: True 6 ft.
  • Max. Reach: True 10 ft.
    (True 13.5 ft. reach w/optional 3.5 ft. extension kit)
  • Weight: 65 lbs. with extension for 10' reach
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 120 lbs. at 6ft. / 80 lbs. at 10 ft. / 40 lbs. at 13.5’ ft.
  • Mounting Requirements: Dolly, tripod or other with 7" Mitchell mount
  • Camera Mounting: Over or under 7" Mitchell mount
  • Construction: Machined/extruded aluminum, stainless steel
  • Counterweight/Camera Ratio: 1.8:1 @ 6 ft; 3:1 @ 10 ft.
  • Counterweight Style: Standard 1 in. barbell
  • Fine Tuning Weight in Tail Section
  • Tilt Brake and Pan Break
  • Camera Platform Level Adjustment
  • High Visibility Dual Bubble Levels
  • Fits in Two Manageable Cases

No. of Arm Sections: One (1) for 6 ft. reach; Two (2) for 10 ft. reach; three (3) for 13.5 ft reach

Overall Assembled Length: 116 in. at 6 ft. reach;

165 in. at 10 ft. reach; 207 in. at 13.5 ft. reach

when using optional 3.5 ft. extension arm kit




  • Up to 28 lbs. weight capacity
  • Two axis 350 degree Pan/Tilt
  • Integrated LANC Signal Put-Through Connections
  • Control unit operates two motorized units for full precision controlled camera movements
  • Direction control enables user to set rotation direction on both movements or switch either of them off
  • Single knob mounting on Intel-A-Jib™ Mitchell Mount
  • Maximum speed determined by two independent controls
  • Optional V-Battery Mount available to accommodate many industry standard batteries
  • Intel-A-Jib Mounting Bracket
  • Camera Platform
  • Joystick Control Unit
  • 15' Control Unit Cable
  • AC/SC Power Adaptor
  • LANC Singal Cable

Intel-A-Head Includes:


Please email us prior to placing your order online.

Single Knob Mounting to Intel-A-Jib

Shown with optional Intel-A-Jib Handle

and Control Mounting Bracket

Intel-A-Head Pan/Tilt Joystick
Control Unit

Intel-A-Jib Fitted Case-1
Intel-A-Jib Fitted Case-2

Our custom fitted shipping cases feature fiberglass and plywood construction with a carpet and dense polyurethane foam lining

INTEL-A-JIB    Fitted Transport Cases

Keep your Intel-A-Jib arm safe and secure

*NOTE: All specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice. Cases, weights, tripods, extension arm kits and accessories are sold separately.

Intel-A-Jib Transport Case (Large)

Intel-A-Jib Transport Case (Small)

Please email us prior to placing your order online.

Please email us prior to placing your order online.


Manufacturing Process

All of the products manufactured by or distributed through Intel-A-Jib, are manufactured using the latest techniques, processes and equipment, resulting in superior quality, consistency, performance, and value.

Industry Advanced Technologies' Intel-A-Jib was the first jib to offer the Dove-Tail Connector
for Rapid Assembly.

V-Lock Connector
X-Box Extrusion

Intel-A-Jib’s one-piece X-Box Extrusion™ offers superior anti-deflection and anti-torsion properties, resulting in a lightweight jib with a great load capacity, and smooth operation.

Intel-A-Jib’s innovative V-Lock Connector™ makes assembly and disassembly of Intel-A-Jib™ simple and fast.

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